One of the hardest things to get used to since moving to the mainland U.S. almost ten years ago has been how drastically my skin changes during the winter months. Year-round humidity is definitely something I took for granted growing up in Hawaii. Here in Los Angeles, December through March brings a dryness and dullness to my usually hydrated and bright complexion–and no amount of body lotion or moisturizer seems to do the trick.

This year, I started using some new all-natural products that have made the cold, winter months immensely more bearable. All created with completely organic ingredients that I recognize and can pronounce, my skin has been feeling much more nourished, enriched, and overall taken care of this year. Read on for some of my new green beauty favorites.

1. Warm up in a hot bath with Magnesium infused salts.

The promise of a hot bath has become my reward after completing a chilly, outdoor run. The hot water not only soothes and relaxes achey muscles, but it feels like that’s the only way to get my fingers and toes truly warm again. Bath salts enriched with Magnesium is a natural way to improve skin hydration, reduce skin redness and roughness, and enhance the skin barrier due to its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties—yes please!

I love this one from Wash + Willow with dried rose petals and lavender (sold out but find similar versions here, here, and here).

2. Exfoliate dry, flakey skin away with a super-fine facial scrub. 

I really notice how dry, tight, and flakey my skin gets when my face makeup doesn’t seem to sit right. I know that you must remove dead skin before hydrating, but have forgone the drugstore facial scrubs of my younger years mainly because they are chocked full of chemicals and usually use micro-plastics as exfoliating beads that pollute water ways. Also the larger abrasive pieces that they are made from actually don’t exfoliate well.

A super-fine scrub naturally made is the way to go. I’ve been using the Fleur De Rose Facial Polish from French Girl and it’s a complete game-changer for me. It’s made from organic brown rice, French clay, flower petals, and essential oils that are ground up to form a fine powder. After combining with a few drops of water and scrubbing, noticeably softer skin with a more even skin-tone will be revealed. I feel like I’m polishing my skin like you would a precious stone with it. Can’t recommend it enough!

3. Layer facial oil with moisturizer. 

A cream moisturizer on its own suffices for warmer months (I like French Girl Créme Fraiche Moisturizer), but I find that once a chill is in the air my skin needs another layer to lock in the hydration. Every night, after my moisturizer has absorbed completely, I like to pat on a facial oil to my entire face and neck. I don’t have especially dry skin so I if I’m going to use a facial oil during the day, I avoid my t-zone. Foundation goes on like a DREAM after a little facial oil is on my cheeks and forehead.

I’ve been using French Girl Facial Oil Elixer (on sale!) lately and love that it’s super hydrating without clogging my pores. Made with a blend of organic cold-pressed plant and flower oils, it smells really fresh, like a cold-pressed juice.

4. Dry yourself with a towel made from organic materials.

Did you know that cotton is considered the world’s dirtiest crop because of the immense amount of pesticides that are used to grow it? These insecticides are incredibly harmful to human health (a single drop would kill you instantly) and are known to seep into the waterways, poisoning the environment and wildlife. You so don’t need that wrapped around you!

I choose organic materials whenever possible and my new favorite bath towel is from revolutionary, German brand, Kushel, and made from organic cotton and reforested beech wood. By offsetting carbon emissions and planting two trees per towel created, Kushel aims to be the first climate and resource positive textile producer. You can pre-order their towels now!

5. Lather on an organic shimmer oil. 

In Los Angeles, it’s warm enough in the winter months to wear a mini or midi-dress with boots (and a coat) for a night out, but there’s nothing worse than dry, ashy legs peeping out from under your skirt. For me, mere body lotion doesn’t cut it. After my lotion dries, I like to layer on a body oil for extra hydration and shine.

This Lumiere Moonlight from French Girl (on sale!) adds a beautiful sheen to your skin with all-natural mineral oxides for a pearlescent glow.

Photos by @sdrpick.

Wash + Willow and Kushel provided products in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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