The Easter holiday signifies rebirth and starting fresh, perhaps making it the perfect time to adopt some more conscious consumption habits into your life.

Here are my tips for having an eco-friendly Easter.

1. Buy your Easter dress locally. This peach a-line dress I’m wearing is from one of my favorite labels, Flynn Skye (featured on GWS before here). Based in my LA neighborhood of Venice, all garments are made in Downtown Los Angeles and I actually live down the street from their only brick and mortar store! When you support local designers and businesses, you’re not only strengthening your community, but limiting the detrimental environmental effects of transportation. Did you know that transportation from shipping is responsible for 17% of the world’s CO2 emissions? Limit overseas purchases whenever possible.

2. Use a straw Easter egg basket. I’m really loving that the artisan straw basket is making such  an impact in the fashion and home decor worlds. Whether you’re hunting for eggs or just for the mimosas at Sunday brunch, skip the non-biodegradable plastic basket and go all natural instead.

3. Dye your eggs using natural vegetable and fruit dyes. I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately and I’m dying to try it. I try to avoid anything synthetic when it the food I eat. Beets, turmeric and strong coffee can all make natural and beautiful Easter egg dyes.

4.Skip the chocolate bunny and gift a handmade fair-trade version instead. I would normally NEVER recommend skipping chocolate anything, but one look at these hand-knit plush bunnies made my heart skip a beat. Handmade, fair-trade goods not only cut down on the Co2 emissions caused by factories, but also make a meaningful change for artisans in underprivileged areas.

5. Shop at the farmers’ market for your Easter brunch of dinner. Supporting your locals farmers cuts down on transportation pollution and packaging waste. Hit up your local farmers’ market for all-natural farm-fresh eggs, locally grown greens and herbs, and freshly picked produce.

Photos by @sdrpick.

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