There’s no better way to spend a summer day than relishing a good book and picnic beachside (IMHO), but environmental responsibility is key for ensuring that future generations may enjoy the same pleasures.  I rounded up six ways that I stay eco-friendly while at the beach. How many of them do you follow? Leave a comment and let me know!

  1. Wear  a swimsuit made from recycled materials. Swimwear is generally made from polyester and nylon due to their water-resistant capabilities, fabric that are both derived from petroleum (oil) and made with a process that creates excess CO2 (climate change’s culprit). Skip the additional strain on fossil fuels and choose a bikini made with recycled fibers instead, like the Dream Palm two piece from Greenlee Swim! This brand isn’t just a favorite of mine for their sustainable practices, but the suits are some of the most flattering and comfortable I have ever owned. Don’t miss out on their current sales and get an extra 25% off with code KASHA.
  2. Wear reef-safe sunscreen. A common ingredient used in sunscreen is oxybenzone, which is not only known to cause coral bleaching but can also disrupt your hormone system (yikes!). Instead, go for sunscreens made with zinc oxide, a natural mineral and physical blocker that protects with broad spectrum. My favorite sunscreens are from Juice Beauty and Coola.
  3. Pack your snacks and water in reusable containers. Instead of picking up your seaside meal packaged in copious amounts of plastic while en route, plan ahead with homemade sandwiches and fresh fruit transported in glass or metal containers, or silicone bags. This avoids filling landfills with unnecessary single-use plastic.
  4. Don’t collect shells. Shells are part of a beach’s ecosystem, serving as homes for sea creatures, nests for birds, and ultimately providing nutrients to the surrounding organisms when they break down into the sand. Enticing as they may be, enjoy them while at the beach and then leave them there.
  5. Pick up after your pets. Waste caused from dogs may be considered “natural”, but bacteria found in dog poop actually pollutes the sand and water. Be sure to bag it, just as you would anywhere else.
  6. Pick up a few pieces of trash. Just as the saying goes, always leave a place cleaner then when you got there. Even if you didn’t create any trash yourself, picking up a handful of garbage is easy enough for anyone and would make a massive difference for seaside protection if everyone had this state of mind.


Photos by @sdrpick.

Top – Greenlee Dream Palm Skimpi Scoop Halter, Bottom – Greenlee Dream Palm Retro Short, White shirt – Frame

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