When you get the opportunity to spend the weekend in the greatest city in the world (IMHO), you don’t say no, so here’s what I wore in NYC. 

Earlier this month, my boyfriend had a work trip to the concrete jungle, so I tagged along in order to act as his city tour guide and all-round restaurant aficionado. I hadn’t been back since I graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2011, so the trip felt like a peek into the past and proved to be a stark reminder of how far I had come.

Attending college in NYC was a dream come true for me because I was fully immersed in the fashion industry for the first time. When I wasn’t studying merchandising and marketing in class, I was working at fashion houses and agencies, learning the in’s and out’s of running a successful business in the garment industry. And when I wasn’t doing that, I was shopping! My wardrobe must have quadrupled from the sample sales alone.

Then in my senior year, my outlook on the industry changed forever. I took a Sustainable Design class and had an amazing professor (as dorky as it sounds) that truly opened my eyes to the detrimental environmental effects of the fashion industry. Pollution? Fossil fuel waste? Overflowing landfills? Holy Sh**!

What I learned in that class has stayed with me now years on as I’ve decided to create this blog to document my quest for a more sustainable way. It’s truly remarkable how much certain experiences can shape the person you become.

This outfit I wore to explore our Airbnb’s neighborhood, the Lower East Side, fulfilled three of my main criteria for sustainable fashion. The jacket and cropped sweater are second hand (my number one sustainable solution), black skinny jeans are from eco label DL1961 (they use eco-friendly fibers that require half the dye, half the water, and half the energy it typically takes to create traditional denim), and boots are Rag & Bone and are the absolute highest quality I could find (I will treasure these for years, if not decades to come).

Top and Jacket – Secondhand, Jeans – JA x DL1961, Boots – Rag & Bone

Photos by @sdrpick.

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