What Packing For A Trip and Sustainable Shopping Have In Common

The pangs of uncertainty started creeping in as we jetted further and further down the crowded Bali road, the ruffles of my red polka-dot dress fluttering atop of the backseat of our rented motorbike.

The Sustainable Item To Always Pack on Vacation

A couple of months ago, I found myself the object of quite a few side glances from fellow Virgin Australia non-stop to Melbourne passengers.

Bali Infinity Pool In Baiia Sustainable Swimwear

Growing up in the surf-obsessed culture of Hawaii, other world famous surfing locations have been ingrained as THE ultimate travel destination, putting Bali, Indonesia, on my travel bucket list since I can remember.

Is this what 29 is supposed to look like?

It’s no secret that my generation is putting off the whole house and kids stage of life.

The Sustainable Way You Can Get The Latest Pants Trend

It’s no secret to fashion industry professionals that today’s style craze is likely the revitalized trend of yesterday.

How To Re-Wear Your Wedding Guest Dress

Wedding season is upon us, when seemingly a new frock is needed every weekend for each special event, only to then be cast to the back of your closet for as long as you both shall live. Or so you thought. . .

5 Tips for Secondhand Shopping Online

Buying clothing secondhand whenever possible is one of the cornerstones of a sustainable lifestyle, as it helps to alleviate the 15 million tons of clothing discarded by Americans each year.

How Your Bikini May Be Destroying the Oceans

A certain Instagram account may have popularized a (new) bikini a day, but I doubt the environmental effects of swimwear production was taken into consideration with the promotion of all that swimwear!

Why Handmade Is Better

It’s no secret that my journey to sustainable living has lead me to reject fast fashion.

A Weekend in NYC

When you get the opportunity to spend the weekend in the greatest city in the world (IMHO), you don’t say no, so here’s what I wore in NYC.