Vintage Levi’s Cutoffs

I love when a major trend is inherently eco-friendly, and I like to think that it’s a small sign that the world is starting to make shift to more responsible habits.  Trends do emerge from the street just as they do from the runways. Either way, vintage Levi’s is definitely the denim of the year. 

Reformation Cece Dress in Lelani

I’ve been a fan of eco-friendly brand Reformation for quite some time. I think their modern take on classic silhouettes and tongue-in-cheek marketing bring a much needed coolness to sustainable fashion.

90’s Vintage Skirt

This plaid vintage a-line skirt is the perfect example of how you can take advantage of the fashion lifecycle of trends when shopping sustainably. I found this skirt buried in a thrift store in Santa Monica.

DIY Distressed Levi’s Jeans

Buying vintage/used clothing is the most eco-friendly way to shop, however such items often need a modern update before they’re ready for a second life.

Festival Style: Vintage 1960’s Maxi Dress

Channel your inner sixties bohemian goddess at Coachella this year with a vintage dress from the era of free love. Buying vintage pieces is my number one way to go green this festival season since most “festival fashion” is inspired by sixties bohemian style. Go authentic, and reduce your carbon footprint, by buying the real thing. 

10 Eco-friendly Ways to Shop for Coachella

Embrace an eco-friendly attitude this music festival season, no matter what festival or show you may be attending. As an avid Coachella attendee (this year will be my fifth year in a row) and fashion-lover, one of my favorite parts of the festival is carefully crafting together that weekend’s wardrobe and discovering new essentials to make … Continue Reading

Upcycled J.Crew Army Jacket

You don’t always need to purchase brand new clothing in order to stay on trend. Instead, consider updating a gently used item or something you already have.

Vintage Khaki Trench Dress

The trend life-cycles of fashion can actually be used to your advantage when pursuing a green lifestyle. Fashion designers often draw inspiration from past eras, which result in a second life for many past styles and trends.

H&M Conscious Palm Print Romper

I can’t tell you how excited I am that H&M has an eco-friendly brand, H&M Conscious. They use sustainable textiles to create the same cute styles at great prices as their main line, like this organic cotton palm print romper.

How to Shop Sustainably

Are you wondering what exactly “sustainable” shopping is? I wanted my first post on Green with Style (GWS) to clearly define how to consume fashion in a more sustainable way. Our presence as humans will always have some sort of impact on the planet, but with some mindful shopping techniques, you can help to limit … Continue Reading