The Ecofashion Way To Dress For Christmas

Confession: Never in my life have I owned a Christmas sweater.

The Top That’s Worth The Investment

Ecofashion isn’t just about buying from “sustainable” brands, it’s also knowing when to invest in quality pieces. 

The Eco-friendly Answer to Holiday Gift-Giving

Organic giftable beauty is perfect for the holidays because it’s like a clean beauty starter-kit.

Why You Should Only Buy Organic Cotton

Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world.

How To Buy Ecofashion on a Budget

“Green” or “sustainable” clothing doesn’t have to mean “unaffordable“.

How to Pick the Perfect Dress, No Matter What the Season

New wardrobe additions with year-round longevity will mean less unnecessary consumption down the road.

Beach Babe Must-Have: Sustainable Swimwear

If there’s one item of clothing that I never skimp on, it’s swimwear.

Juice Beauty Skincare Review

Committing to an eco-friendly lifestyle can feel overwhelming at times, so I’m focusing on small portions at a time in order to make the switch more manageable. I have been wanting to find an organic skincare line for a while now, so when my cleanser recently started to run out , I knew it was time.

Christy Dawn Dolly Jumper

One reason I started Green with Style was to have a platform where I could share the amazing new eco-friendly brands that I discovered during my journey to living a greener lifestyle. Today, meet an L.A. local: Christy Dawn.