Inspiration sometimes hits me like a lightening bolt. I’ll be flipping through TV channels on a Sunday afternoon, or perusing old People magazines at the hair salon when BAM! That’s it. I’ll know in an instant what I will dress as for Halloween. This was not that kind of year.

I returned from my overseas trip in early October completely ill-prepared for the fast-approaching holiday, so I decided to draw inspiration from somewhere a little closer to home: my own closet. As a recovering shopaholic, I knew there would be quite a few hidden gems (cough impulse buys) buried in there, which is where I found this Grecian wrap-dress – a garment that I’ve never had a chance to wear but that I love too much to give away.

A dress is no costume without a next-level makeup look, so I used this Universal Soul biodegradable glitter that I got on Etsy to get that Grecian GLOW. To get the loose glitter to stick I used a bit of concealer on my eyelids, body oil for my chest, and hairspray for my hair. It stayed put perfectly and I’m usually not that great at dramatic makeup, so I was pleasantly surprised with how easily I created the end result. I would never have purchased glitter for this look if it wasn’t safe for the environment, so I couldn’t be happier that I found this eco-friendly line. Definitely a new makeup staple for special events!

What did you dress as for Halloween?

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