“Green” or “sustainable” clothing doesn’t have to mean “unaffordable“. Generally yes, ecofashion does come with a higher price tag than fast fashion, where the manufacturing process is based on the most cost-efficient possible solution, without concern for negative impacts on our environment and/or communities. That’s the reason you can buy a dress at Forever21 for practically the same price as a Starbucks latte, toxic chemicals could have been used to grow the cotton or the garment workers were paid far below a living wage (or both). When the environmental impact and working conditions are actually taken into account during production, it can mean a higher cost for the consumer. Clothing that is better quality and made to last, therefore more sustainable, could also mean a higher price tag. BUT, not all ecofashion is expensive.




Vintage, or second-hand clothing is the answer to affordable ecofashion! In fact, I consider buying pre-loved clothing as my number one way to shop sustainably, as ZERO additional energy or resources are needed to create it – it already existed!  As we all know, second-hand clothing is generally sold at a fraction of the price as something new (with the exception of collectible luxury goods like Chanel earrings).



I bought this forest green floral dress at my favorite upcycled vintage stall at the Silver Lake Flea, but I linked some similar Etsy finds at the bottom of the page. I’ve found that the flea markets in L.A. sell exceptionally amazing vintage finds, with consignment stores like Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange also carrying quality items.



This dress has been a summer staple and was perfect for a sunset stroll through the cholla cactus garden in Joshua Tree, although I’m also looking forward to layering it with OTK socks, boots and a denim jacket this fall. #3oWears


Dress – Flea market find, similar here, here and here

Photos by @sdrpick.


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