Wedding season is upon us, when seemingly a new frock is needed every weekend for each special event, only to then be cast to the back of your closet for as long as you both shall live. Or so you thought. . .

Breathe new life into a formal dress with one simple trick: shorten the hemline. It seems ridiculously obvious but it’s a practice so seldom done. I had never altered a formal dress this way before, and I can’t name one friend or family member who has either. Why? Because of that nagging little voice in your head. It’s the same one that pipes up when you considering donating those platform wedges from 2007. I call it the but-what-if voice.

But what if I want to wear this again for another wedding and I suddenly don’t care that all my friends and family have already seen me in it?

But what if I unexpectedly get invited to a gala event that this would be perfect for (because that happens SO often)? 

But what if I decide to throw an early-2000’s themed party where platform wedges are the only acceptable footwear?

The truth is, the chances that you will want to wear the very same dress to another wedding is pretty slim (unless it’s the ingenuous LBD, then you’re golden). Sustainable or not, it’s a fashion faux-pas to attend multiple weddings in the same attire, especially in today’s interconnected world of social media. And further, I’m a firm believer in using what you have now to satisfy today’s needs, rather than consuming copious amounts for the ambiguous “just in case” moments.

That’s precisely what I did with this gorgeously vibrant wrap dress from C/meo Collective. I purchased it on my trip to Australia to wear to my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday party, and later to one of my dearest friends weddings (I figured the double wear ruling was vetoed when I crossed international borders). Now over one year on, the dress has sadly hung untouched in my closet. A good mini dress is totally my jam in the summer, and I had been coveting the wrap style I kept noticing from various brands, so I took the alteration plunge and removed about 7 inches from the hemline. Personally, my mom taught me how to shorten a hemline long ago, so I did it myself, but would recommend going to a professional if you’re a sewing novice.

I paired my “new” dress with block-heeled sandals and a straw bag for a casual date night at The Getty Summer Concert Series.

Photos by @sdrpick.

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