Confession: I’m not perfect. Although I founded an eco-friendly fashion and beauty blog, I’m not this all-natural, granola-eating and tree-hugging environmental guru. My hair color hasn’t been natural since middle school, I gave up carbs a long time ago, and the only reason I would hug a tree was if it was part of some new exercise fad.  I am very passionate about environmental issues and believe in the power of conscious consuming, but I’m just a regular girl who wants to feel pretty and confident about herself.

The Fourth of July has always been my absolute favorite holiday for one solid reason: it’s my birthday! I have fond childhood memories of enjoying a big backyard family barbecue – complete with cake and presents – before hitting the beach to watch the sky light up with fireworks. It’s funny how in my adult life, no matter how many rooftop pool parties or extravagant dinners I have, no birthday feels quite as special as the ones from childhood.

This year I had made reservations at rooftop bar Hotel Erwin to enjoy the holiday with close friends, good food and strong drinks. I usually like to dress for comfort on the Fourth due to the warm weather, but I knew I wanted to treat myself to a festive red crop-top to pair with my trusty high-rise vintage Levi’s. After all, everyone wants to feel special on their birthday.


I decided to check out my favorite local consignment store, Wasteland, for a red crop-top first. Although I knew the odds were pretty low that they would happen to have such a specific item of clothing, it didn’t hurt to try. Usually when I shop second-hand I find it much easier to have several different items in mind that my closet is in need of. Although the store did have a special rack of red, white and blue clothing, there wasn’t anything quite right.


I then visited the stores of my two favorite sustainable brands: Reformation and Christy Dawn. These brands use eco-friendly fabric to create modern (and super cute) clothing. Unfortunately, both brands had nothing in stock that fit what I had in mind.


Instead of resorting to fast-fashion, I decided to visit local boutique Flynn Skye, and fell in love with their That’s a Wrap Crop Top. Although the brand doesn’t state their environmental impact on their website, all garments are made locally in Los Angeles, which saves on pollution and waste caused by shipping overseas. Their pieces are also well-made with upscale fabrics in flattering silhouettes, resulting in clothing that you’ll want to wear over and over again. I know I will cherish this top for years to come.

Buying second-hand or from an “eco-friendly” brand may not always be an option, especially when it’s a special occasion. At that point, I think it’s important to look for quality and local production. We all want to feel good about ourselves – especially for holidays and special events – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a purchase that you feel good about as well.


Flynn Skye 8

Flynn Skye 5

Flynn Skye 9

Flynn Skye 7

Flynn Skye 6

Top – Flynn Skye, Shorts – Vintage Levi’s, Shoes – Adidas

Photos by @sdrpick.


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Love this post! It can be tough to find better alternatives, especially affordable ones, but it makes you feel so much more invested in your clothing when you know it’s better for the environment!

And happy belated birthday. 🙂


Glad you enjoyed it! It feels so much better in the long run to choose quality over quantity. Thanks for stopping by! xx

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