A certain Instagram account may have popularized a (new) bikini a day, but I doubt the environmental effects of swimwear production was taken into consideration with the promotion of all that swimwear! When it comes to sustainable fashion, natural (preferably organic) fabrics are best, however, swimwear is generally made out of polyester and nylon due to their water-resistant capabilities. Both polyester and nylon are made of petroleum (a.k.a. oil), the very fossil fuel that when burned creates the excess CO2 emissions that make the Earth, including the oceans, warmer (i.e. climate change) – watch how this works here. The ocean’s warmer temperature, reported at 0.18 degree Fahrenheit, is causing coral bleaching, ocean acidification and fish migration. That’s right – all that stylish swimwear is wreaking havoc on the very oceans that they’re designed for.

So what’s the alternative? Enter eco swimwear brand, Freebella, who uses recycled polyester and nylon to create their line of ultra-adorable swimwear. Their suits are actually made out of recycled plastic water bottles and nylon fishing nets, which not only forgoes the consumption of raw oil, but also causes less pollution and conserves energy. Amazing, I know.  Freebella is one of those incredible eco brands that despite their total transparency – read about their fabrication, packaging, social equity and even room for improvement here – you would never guess is anything other than a super stylish and totally insta-worthy swimwear label. The designs are modern and ridiculously cute, quality is great, and the price-point is rather reasonable.

I recently bought the Raquel top and Vivian bottoms to kick off summer with, and wore the set on my recent weekend-away on Catalina Island. I cannot get enough of the off-the-shoulder trend, so I’m completely obsessed with this top and find it so flattering on my smaller frame. I’m always weary of buying swimwear online, but as a testament to their customer service, I originally purchased their Devyn bottom and was underwhelmed with how they looked on me, so Freebella answered my exchange inquiry and issued me a return label right away – which happened to be a Sunday no less!

I created a clean beauty beachy glow makeup look with the RMS Beauty Mod Collection palette and Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Coral Kiss. Should I do a tutorial? Let me know with a comment below.

Top and Bottom – Freebella, Sunglasses – Betsey Johnson last season, Bag – Handwoven in Mexico

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I love the sound of Freebella! I’ve seen them on Instagram but funnily enough, despite living in LA for nearly a year and a half, I haven’t bought a new swimsuit yet. I’m into the idea of an off the shoulder one. Does it stay on ok when you’re swimming? As for these pictures, you make me want to pop over to Catalina too! I’ve only been once and that was to complete my PADI course and so I feel I didn’t get enough time exploring out of the water xxx
P.S yes please to the tutorial!


Well then now is the time girl! This suit would look so cute on you (honestly not the best for water sports though if you’re into that). And yes, Catalina is one of my favorite summer weekend getaways near LA.


Aloha Kasha,
Thank you for promoting eco swimwear brands. I definitely feel your frustration about the promotion of a different bikini a day… I’m from Hana, Maui. I wish that all large influencers and companies would move toward promoting/producing ethical & sustainable only. But until then we will just have to continue doing the best we can and spreading awareness about the impact our choices have on our environment.

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