Shortly after moving to NYC in college, I discovered the treasure trove that are fashion capital thrift stores. When you’re living amongst industry insiders and the style-obsessed, mountains of designer clothes seem to be cast aside daily to make way for next season’s lines. Although highly problematic for the planet, I learned to use this to my advantage early on. In Manhattan and Brooklyn, I perused next-level consignment stores like Beacon’s Closet for the designer labels that I lusted over at vastly discounted prices. While studying abroad in Paris, I followed the cool French girls to the tiny vintage shops in Le Marais after realizing that they were passing up the fast fashion-filled malls all together. Now in Los Angeles, I’m forever discovering the abundance of amazing secondhand finds throughout the city.

Side note: Should I do a post dedicated to the best thrift stores in LA? Let me know.

Cost savings isn’t the only thing fueling my desire to dig through the thrift store racks now. Buying secondhand clothing is the most sustainable fashion choice you can make, as you’re not using any additional energy or resources to create the garment, and you’re saving it from filling yet another landfill.

I happened upon this floral print short-sleeve dress one afternoon when I spontaneously popped into my local Goodwill (which is always when you find the best stuff btw). It caught my eye because I thought it looked reminiscent of a Reformation dress. I fell in love with it when I tried it on and it fit like a dream.

The sundress became perfect for a day of site-seeing in Ojai when worn with white sneakers and a straw bag, and I’m looking forward to styling it with low-heeled sandals for casual dinners al fresco this spring and summer.

Photos by @sdrpick.

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