I believe it was fate that brought Leonor Greyl products into my life. When I moved to Los Angeles after college graduation, I worked part time as a receptionist at a prestigious hair salon in Beverly Hills while I looked for my fashion dream job. The salon is still one of the most exclusive in LA; the calendar was regularly booked solid with celebrities and we constantly had to turn customers away. A very limited amount of hair care products were sold there, Leonor Greyl being one of them. I worked there for only about a month before landing a job as a stylist for an e-commerce site, but while I was there the reps for Leonor Greyl stopped by the salon and were kind enough to give me some samples. They explained that the French brand was one of the first luxury hair care brands to focus on using environmentally safe, high grade natural ingredients. I noticed a huge difference in my hair upon using the products, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

These are a few of my favorite Leonor Greyl products.

The Serum de Soi Sublimateur (left) is a nourishing and protective styling cream. I run a couple of pumps from hair root to tip before I blow it out, and it’s a miracle worker for taming frizz. It also protects your hair from the sun and heat styling. I’ve noticed that celebrity stylist Jen Atkin uses it on her clients all the time, so if it’s good enough for Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashians, it’s definitely good enough for me.

The Shampooing Sublime Meches (middle) shampoo is something I’ve started using recently as I am growing more concerned about the damage sodium laureth sulfate does to my (color treated) hair. Sodium laureth sulfate is the chemical that is often used in shampoo to create a lather effect, but it can also strip your hair of moisture and hair dye. This shampoo is SLS free and is specifically designed to help repair damage caused by highlighting. It cleans my hair really well and is gentle enough for my sensitive scalp.

The Masque Orchide (right) is a conditioning mask designed to smooth, detangle and restructure damaged hair. I once had a hair stylist tell me that highlighted hair needs a deep conditioning mask every time it’s washed. I must admit that I don’t quite use this every time I wash, but I definitely try to incorporate the Masque Orchide as much as possible and it’s made a huge difference.

Not photographed is the Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice, because I accidentally used it all up and threw out the bottle before I could include it in this shoot (that’s how good it is). Using deep conditioning products has a tendency to weigh down my long straight hair, so I’m constantly trying to tackle that with volumizing products, and this mousse is one of the best I’ve ever tried. I put it on my roots and then blow dry my hair upside down, and it adds major lift.

Have you ever tried Leonor Greyl products? Leave a comment below.

Leonor Greyl 4

Leonor Greyl 3

Photos by @sdrpick.

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