Last month was one of my dearest friends’ first wedding anniversary, so she invited a group of friends out to the desert to help her celebrate. She asked us to wear white and for the the girls to don flower crowns for the photos; a dress code that threw my fashion heart reeling with inspiration. Instantly I knew I wanted to wear something lace or crochet that hit below my knees. Unfortunately, my closet didn’t quite live up to the fantasy in my head. Although I happen to be an avid wearer of white or cream clothing, all of my dresses are mini-length and seemed too casual.

I did some light searching online for white dresses from eco-brands, but was unsuccessful (tough to find a white dress in February). Luckily, along came StyleLend, a peer-to-peer clothing rental service that I came across on Instagram. It’s basically having access to the older sister’s closet that you never had (except it’s thousands of closets and you pay 10% of retail price in lieu of the family drama).

You can browse the site by brand or event type, but I directly put my size and color requirements into the filter tool and came about this For Love and Lemons lace midi dress – a.k.a. the dress of my dreams! I seriously couldn’t believe how lucky I got. The rentals are 7 days at a time so I appreciated that I had some time before the event to find a back-up in case it didn’t fit. The dress actually arrived a few days earlier than expected and fit like a glove.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience with StyleLend (not sponsored). I use to think that the most sustainable fashion solution was buying secondhand pieces, but I actually think renting or borrowing certain items for short-term use (a.k.a a special event) may be the most sustainable solution of all. That way the resources and energy needed to create the garment isn’t merely split into two, the original owner and the secondary owner, but has the potential to be split between a number of different stylish and similarly sized women.

Just as with Airbnb or Uber, smart online platforms are empowering the average person to share their possessions with other consumers therefore limiting the amount of objects needed to be created – from hotels to taxis to dresses. These types of innovative solutions are so exciting to me and I truly believe will lead us to a more sustainable future.

Dress – For Love and Lemons via StyleLend, Shoes – Vintage Marc Jacobs, Flowercrown – Handmade by moi

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This dress is gorgeous on you! I hadn’t heard about StyleLend before, but I’m definitely checking them out now.


Thank you! They seem to carry some brands that Rent the Runway does not, so I think they’re another great sustainable/minimalist option for special events.


No one makes flower crowns like a wahine! You looked gorgeous. ?


All thanks to your amazing venue choice and dress code! Could not have been a more beautiful ceremony. xoxo


I love this post!!! You ARE and look amazing. Also, I have never heard of Style Lend so I will be looking into the company now. 😉 Thank You!


Thanks boo, you’re too kind! They’re another great sustainable option for special events because they carry some brands that Rent the Runway does not. xx

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