As we drove up the east coast of Oahu, flanked by the lush mountainside on the left and the sparkling, turquoise Hawaiian waters on the right, I was reminded of summertime camping trips of my childhood. The hour long drive to the North Shore had seemed like a vast journey back then. My curious, brown eyes would peer out of my dad’s rusty pick-up truck window and with every tiny, seaside town we passed, I would grow increasingly more giddy for the days filled with swimming, shell hunting, and fireside s’mores I knew laid ahead.

This NS trip was just for the day (scheduled between spending time with family over the holidays) but I was no less excited for the trip. The town I grew up in, Kailua, seemed to be overrun with tourists lately, so I was looking forward to getting some peace and quiet. Pipeline was the first beach we stopped at. The monster waves meant an empty shoreline, making it the perfect location to snap these pictures.

I’m wearing an eco-friendly bikini from Greenlee Swimwear, a California-based brand that makes its high-end swimwear with recycled fibers. Like you may have read here or here, the only swimwear I buy is made from recycled polyester. I usually try to stick with natural fabrics in my clothing, but since swimwear needs that added stretch that only synthetic fibers offer, recycling is the way to go. I had been eyeing this particular 2-piece for a while and I couldn’t be happier with it!

The straw hat is handwoven and comes from another sustainable swimwear brand, Vitamin A, and linen shirt is secondhand.

Black Leaf Skimpi Scoop Halter and Cheeky Brief – Greenlee, Straw Hat – Vitamin A, Shrit – Secondhand

Photos by @sdrpick.

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