A couple of months ago, I found myself the object of quite a few side glances from fellow Virgin Australia non-stop to Melbourne passengers.

“I know. I’m that girl,” I thought to myself as I feverishly cleaned Sam and I’s armrests, tray tables and little tv’s (+ little corresponding remotes) with disinfectant wipes, “but there’s no way I’m getting sick on vacation.”

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know all about our recent trip to Australia and Bali. What you don’t know is how desperately I tried (and failed) to stay healthy while on it. I not only attempted to keep my plane surroundings germ-free while in-flight, I pumped my body with all the vitamins, probiotics, warm lemon water and herbal tea Wholefoods had to offer (okay maybe not all but a lot).

We took these photos on our first day in Bali, which also happened to be the day I woke up with a sinus infection (insert crying emoji). Too weak for the full day of activities that I had planned (visiting a nearby temple and the famous monkey forest), I dragged myself to the poolside day-bed, clutching my book and the Indonesian cough medicine Sam had graciously found for me at the nearby grocery store. That afternoon, hunger set in and I finally managed to pull myself together and venture out for lunch in Ubud in the most comfortable yet cute item I had packed: a ridiculously soft bamboo/organic cotton Miakoda bodysuit . This sustainably made closet staple is a best-seller season after season for good reason; it’s extremely well-made, one of the softest things you will ever put on your body, and can be worn countless ways. Definitely a new travel essential of mine.

Lunch at the restaurant we chose (soley based on it’s abundance of hanging plants decor) turned out to be the perfect mix of freshness and flavor, including a watermelon smoothie that I plan to recreate and live on next summer. We then casually explored the nearby market and inadvertently found handwoven straw bag heaven with intricately woven rattan treasures filling every inch of entire stalls. I picked up this round, cross-body bag and had just finished transferring my belongings into it when we stumbled upon the Ubud Palace, a site that was officially under construction yet (surprisingly) open to visitors.

Now when I look a the photos we captured at the palace, I can hardly believe I’m seeing my own face looking back at me in such a magical place. My infection was gone a few days later but I’ll never forget the absolute elation I felt while exploring Bali on that day – no matter how unplanned and spontaneous it ended up being. I had also been looking forward to leisurely reading poolside while on vacation, and that was the only day that I slowed down enough to do so. It’s my natural tendency to always keep busy and plan every last detail, but I’m learning that slowing down and letting go sometimes can lead you to exactly where you want to be.


Bodysuit – Miakoda, Skirt – Redone, Sandals – Nisolo, Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana (old), Headband – Vintage scarf

Photos by @sdrpick.

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I loved this post Kasha! You look so stunning and I loved the part you wrote about how slowing down and letting go can often bring you closer to alignment and what you’re looking for. I find that to be true in my life as well. Happy you ended up feeling better early on and your photos have me in full wanderlust mode to get back to Bali, hopefully early next year! Hugs!

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