It’s no secret to fashion industry professionals that today’s style craze is likely the revitalized trend of yesterday. Designers are constantly modifying old styles in order to fill store racks with fresh pieces and keep up with each season’s growing demand.

Add ruffles to the neckline of a simple slip dress and now it’s “flirty”.

Cut holes in the shoulder of a long-sleeve blouse and let’s call it the “cold-shoulder”.

Increase the hem of last season’s culottes two inches and now they’re called cropped wide-legged pants.

So why should you care? This type of style revamp also has a name in the world of sustainability: upcycling. Similar to recycling, upcycling takes an existing item and makes slight changes to it in order to make it better. It not only saves you from buying something new, but keeps the original item from going in the trash. The possibilities for consumers are endless once this premise is understood. Now ecofashionistas all over the world can skip the constant trips to the mall and instead make slight alterations to the forgone items hiding in the abyssal corners of her closet!

That’s exactly what I did with these Novella Royale paisley printed flared pants. I adored their full-length when I first purchased them, but after a few wears I left them untouched for longer than I care to admit. I first got the idea when I saw one of my friends (who also happens to make amazing bags) rocking cropped denim flares. Upon complimenting her, she told me that she had simply cut a full-length pair that were too long anyway.

(Insert lightbulb emoji)

One relaxing alterations + movie + wine Friday night later, I was the proud new owner of cropped flares. I wore them the following Sunday with this amazing original screen-printed bag made by none other than my flared-jeans-cutting friend, Lauren. She collages together pieces of vintage magazines to make these one-of-a-kind, screen-printed bags – check out more Solar Stardust bags out here!

Photos by @sdrpick.

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I love the idea of taking something fun and funky and changing it into a different style altogether to keep it fresh and in the working wardrobe. Now I just have to get my sewing machine fixed and figure out a few clothing alteration skills.

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