I’ll never forget the breakfasts I enjoyed on my first trip to Sydney a few years ago, where the thick, crusty toast was piled high with farm-to-table toppings and the coffee is taken so seriously that a cup is almost a religious experience. So when we heard of a new brunch spot with an Australian influenced menu open in Venice, Sam and I planned a visit with high expectations in tow. Great White definitely did not disappoint (I got the avocado toast and he the corn fritters) and we enjoyed the rest of the day with some shopping on Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Brunch is one of those not-too occasions where you want to look stylish but not too overdone (see also happy hour and first dates). My slow fashion style solution is to slightly elevate two casual items, in this case a secondhand graphic tee and remade vintage denim skirt, with a third more statement-making piece, like my boxy, secondhand denim jacket. The rule of three is a trick I use a lot to pull my outfits together. Wearing just a top and bottom can seem unfinished, but pair that with a notable jacket/hat/scarf/vest and you’re golden. That way there’s no need to constantly buy new pieces if you’re smart about pairing what you have.

Do you have any slow fashion style tips like this one? Share below!


Jacket – Secondhand (bought at Goodwill), Graphic Tee – Secondhand (bought at Wasteland Santa Monica), Skirt – Re/Done, Boots – Rag and Bone, Sunnies – Sicky, Bag – Handmade in Bali

Photos by @sdrpick.

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