You don’t always need to purchase brand new clothing in order to stay on trend. Instead, consider updating a gently used item or something you already have. When I saw this J.Crew jacket hanging in a thrift store I immediately appreciated it’s utilitarian design and great quality, but I wasn’t crazy about the color. You see, at the time it was tan and I thought the jacket resembled something I might wear on safari or to work at a zoo (not exactly a wardrobe essential for my lifestyle). However, I was coveting the oh-so trendy army green jacket. With a bottle of Rit Dark Green Liquid Dye, I made my jacket dreams come true. I personally love a good DIY project, but if that’s not your thing, there are online dyeing services like this one and this one that make it easy to have a professional bring new life to the garment of your choice.


Army Jacket 4

Army Jacket 2

Army Jacket 5

Army Jacket 3

Army Jacket 1

Jacket – J.Crew, Dress – Club Monaco, Shoes – Vince Camuto, Bag – Forever 21

Photos by @sdrpick.

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