The pangs of uncertainty started creeping in as we jetted further and further down the crowded Bali road, the ruffles of my red polka-dot dress fluttering atop of the backseat of our rented motorbike. It hadn’t seemed very far from our Airbnb on Google Maps, but we were faced with the many slow-moving trucks (weighed down with either towering tree trimmings or freshly made furniture), and the throngs of other motorbikes whizzing around them. My nerves were building as we passed every new section of roadside shops with no trace of our desired destination – until finally we turned a corner and the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces appeared roadside! Butterflies filled my stomach as we parked and approached the entrance, suddenly standing at the edge of the most stunning valley of stacked, vibrant green rice paddies.

We trekked down the visitor’s dirt path and over a bamboo bridge to explore the terraces, feeling like a chicly accessorized ladybug in my red polka-dot dress, paired with white sneakers and my new handwoven rattan bag. I had just worn the same dress days earlier to a rehearsal dinner, dressed up with heels and a moto-jacket. I think that traveling and sustainability alike are all about versatility; you should think twice about buying something if you can’t think of two really great and totally different ways to style it, just as you would before packing a piece for a trip.

For me, there’s not a more flattering silhouette on the planet than one that wraps at the waist, so it was a no-brainer when one of my favorite eco brands, Saul, created this mini wrap dress. They upcycle deadstock fabric to create their designs, so you’re avoiding the waste the once discarded fabric would have created – in a super cute way.

I can’t wait to wear this dress for the holidays!

Flo Dress by Saul, Stan Smith Shoes by Adidas, Handwoven Bag Made in Bali

Photos by @sdrpick.

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