The change of seasons (however subtle in Los Angeles) marks the opportune time for a closet cleanse. As I started to reach for the airier pieces of my wardrobe, I took note of those that were lacking in some way and set them aside. Some pieces needed minor repairs, like a hole that had started to form on the collar of a silk blouse or a bust line that gaped a tad too much for my liking, while others were in need of more major updates.

You may remember the pants I’m wearing (or a version of them) from last Memorial Day’s post, and TBH I have rarely worn them since that trip to Catalina. I think wide-legged pants look best on me in platform heels, but I don’t often find myself at events where such foot attire is appropriate (or comfortable). I have, however, been lusting over the cropped trouser trend. It just took a quick search on Yelp to find the best rated tailor in my area, and less than $20 later the hemline was shortened to a length more suitable for my preferred footwear (flats).

Having an environmentally responsible wardrobe isn’t just about what you choose to buy, but what you choose not to buy. A reliable tailor is an absolute necessity in order to keep the clothes you have in good condition, and breath new life into older pieces. It may seem easier to just hit the “Buy Now” button on something new, but tailoring your clothes to fit you and your style perfectly means getting closer to achieving an impeccably curated wardrobe, saving you from countless Ihavenothingtowear moments in the future.

Photos by @sdrpick.

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