Fresh Summer Makeup Look + My New Favorite Clean Foundation

Summertime makeup should be as fresh, dewy, and breezy as the outdoor picnics and barbecues you wear it too. More than ever, it should complement your natural features rather than cover them up–no one wants thick, cakey makeup baking in the sun! Any perfect makeup look starts with the skin, so I recently went on … Continue Reading

The New, Natural (and Affordable) Skincare Line I’ve Been Using

Losing your virginity to quality skincare products is like trying good wine for the first time. Sure, Two Buck Chuck is just fine until you taste a velvety glass of Napa Merlot. Just as a drugstore cleanser and moisturizer is just fine until you get your first 5-star facial. Once you know what you’ve been … Continue Reading

My New Trick For Finding Graphic Vintage Tees

I always considered the vintage tee to be like the gateway drug of secondhand shopping. A once thrift store novice can get pulled in by the allure of faded graphics, frayed collars and thinning, light-as-air t-shirt fabrics. Before she knows it, she has a favorite vintage Levi’s 501s Etsy shop and is arriving to her … Continue Reading

I Tried CBD Lip Gloss For A Week–Here’s What I Thought

Since the passing of 2018’s Farm Bill legalized hemp in the U.S., it seems that CBD has taken over the skincare world. Lotions, serums, and vitamins are all promising the anti-inflammatory benefits of Cannabidiol, THC’s non-psychoactive cousin. With the truly mind-blowing results I experienced with the Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm, I know that CBD … Continue Reading

How To Host a Zero-Waste Cocktail Party

Hosting parties and social events can be the hardest time to stick to an eco lifestyle. You want your friends to feel relaxed and comfortable in your home so that you can enjoy each other’s company, and it can feel like you need to forgo your efforts with sustainability in order to make that happen. … Continue Reading

3 Eco Tips for a Snow Filled Weekend

I couldn’t stop admiring the San Gabriel mountains since snow first appeared on them in November, and knew I had to visit them before the winter season was over. So a couple of weeks ago, Sam and I filled my Prius up with zero waste trail mix and traveled to the cabin he had rented … Continue Reading

2 Tips for Using Rent the Runway’s Unlimited Service IRL

So Rent the Runway offered me an additional gifted month of their Unlimited Service after my Australia trip, and to be honest, I wasn’t completely sure if I would find it that useful in my real life, post trip. I have a closet full of clothes and no important events coming up, so do I … Continue Reading

3 Reasons To Wear Hemp Underwear

Confession: it took only one episode of Tidying up with Marie Kondo for me to pile up my dresser drawer contents on my bed. I’ve always loved organizing my clothing (years of working retail is definitely to blame) but Kondo’s folding technique has totally upped my game. The drawer that saw the biggest improvement? Underwear. … Continue Reading

5 Natural Self-Care Tips for Surviving Winter

One of the hardest things to get used to since moving to the mainland U.S. almost ten years ago has been how drastically my skin changes during the winter months. Year-round humidity is definitely something I took for granted growing up in Hawaii. Here in Los Angeles, December through March brings a dryness and dullness … Continue Reading

The Sustainable Way To Have Your Dream Vacation Wardrobe

If you’re anything like me, picking out what you’re going to wear on holiday can be almost as fun as the vacation itself. I consider putting together an outfit for a new exotic locale or special event to be one of life’s greatest thrills, and I unfortunately have the closet to show for it. I … Continue Reading