Over the past few years, I have significantly cut back my use of plastic waste regarding food packaging. I have been using a reusable grocery shopping bag and refillable water bottle for years, but recently I have also started to seek out grocery stores that have bulk sections to pick up my pantry items (quinoa, lentils, nuts, etc.). I store them using glass jars that I simply refill once the supply starts to dwindle. 

This habit has caused me to wonder how I might be able to bring the same practice to my bathroom. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of disposing of the container my facewash came in after it’s gone, I could refill it?

A low-waste skincare solution.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I discovered Aú Natural Skinfood because that’s exactly what they do! This premium, natural skincare line hailing from New Zealand offers a cleanser, toner, serum, a few moisturizers, a mud mask and even powder SPF in bundles. The first shipment of the products come in glass or metal containers, then every 8 weeks after that you receive plant-based eco-refills to refill the original containers with. Your first two items are $25 a month, and any additional item is another $10 per month. 

My experience with Aú Natural Skinfood.

I have been using the Natural Facial Cleanser, Natural brightening lotion and toner, AM Natural Day Serum and Night Cream for the past two months.

  • Simple to use. Right away, I was struck with how simple and straightforward this skincare system is. The cleanser is gentle enough to use both morning and night, the toner comes in a spray bottle and can be spritzed directly on. The AM Natural Day Serum is more like a light moisturizer with a serum in it, so it saves me a step every morning. Overall, the system was fuss-free enough to manage even on my most low-maintenance days.
  • Clean yet effective ingredients. My skin is pretty sensitive and can sometimes break out around new moisturizers, but it has been perfectly blemish-free since I started using these products. The AM Natural Day Serum is moisturizing but also light enough so as not to clog my pores even on warmer California days. In contrast, the Night Cream is beautifully thick and creamy, and really locks in the moisture overnight, ensuring lush and hydrated skin upon waking.  Most importantly to me, the products are not only effective but completely clean and green. Their entire line is cruelty-free and use organic botanical extracts and oils to cleanse and nourish the skin.
  • Low cost. The four items I tried from the brand were gifted to me, but would have cost me about $45 a month if I had paid for them. Considering that I normally spend AT LEAST $20 per product normally, this system can really save you money in the long run. 
  • One downside: limited line of products. I personally am a bit of a skincare junkie, so I found that I still needed to include some of my other products into the routine. For example, I like using a superfine exfoliator at least once a week, that isn’t offered from the brand. I think they are still relatively new, so hopefully more options will be added soon!

Overall, I think that this service could really cover your basic skincare needs in an environmentally responsible way. If you’re new to skincare and want a fuss-free routine with safe, clean ingredients, then this is for you! The products are really easy to use and the subscription services ensures that you don’t even need to worry about buying more. 

If you’re interested, Aú Natural Skinfood is offering 15% off your first bundle with the code KASHA15! Shop Au Natural Skinfood.

Nova and Lady, the dogs we were recently sitting, approve of Aú Natural Skinfood’s cruelty-free ingredients. 

Photos by @sdrpick.

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